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Adam Nusrallah - Explosm / Cyanide and Happiness Anngelica Parent - Gearbox Casey Johnson - Atec Christina Faraj - Pixar Daniel Leeper - Groove Jones Don Dixon - Reel FX Edward Whetstone - Rooster Teeth Edwardian Taylor - Freelance Eric Farrar - Atec John Yang - Rooster Teeth Kevin Penrod - Gearbox Megan McDaniel - Rooster Teeth Michael Sewell - Gearbox Molly Meyer - Pixar Phillip Hall - Atec Scott Kester - Gearbox Sean McComber - Atec Sean Muriithi - Brazen Animation Mindy Berardini - Blue Sky Studios Nick Harvey - Groove Jones Rob Denbleyker - Explosm Todd Fechter - Atec

Our goal is to build a community of students working together to break into the animation industry

We aim to become an open and collaborative community where members feel inspired to fulfill their creative potential

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